Group of Israeli Police Jumped… Bad News for Thug

Group of Israeli Police Jumped Bad News for Thug

Video footage revealed just how long it takes Israeli police to respond to a dangerous situation: mere seconds.

The video, entitled “Terrorist Attempts to Murder Israeli Border Police,” showed a man pulling a knife on a Israeli border agent. Within seconds, he is surrounded by police with their guns pointed at the attacker.

The aggressor is quickly disarmed and knocked to the ground.

There wasn’t much more immediately known about the video, but one thing is for certain: Israeli police don’t mess around.

You can watch the video here (WARNING: Video contains violent images that some viewers will find disturbing).

You can see from the video that the police had only seconds to react, but that was all the needed to control the situation.

Unfortunately, knife attacks are not uncommon in the Jewish state. In September 2015, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas told Palestinian television, “We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem. This is pure blood, clean blood, blood on its way to Allah.” Horrific. Since then the so called Knife Intifada began, with hundreds of stabbings being committed against Israelis by Palestinians.

On Monday, Israeli police had to act fast when a Palestinian attacker tried to stab officers near Jerusalem during President Donald Trump’s visit to the city, ABC News reported.

The Border Police’s goal is to serve as an adaptable force that fights crime and terrorism as well as provide security. There are 68 diverse units deployed in northern, coastal, central, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and they are responsible for maintaining routine security, according to the Ministry of Public Service website.

Recruits from Israel Defense Forces often join the ranks of the Israeli Border Police as part of their training.

It is a terrible situation that officers need to be constantly on guard for these kinds of attacks but this video proves that the Israeli police are ready to do whatever it takes to protect themselves and the citizens of Israel.

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