Group of Cops Leaves Different Kind of Tip for Cop-Hating Waitress

Group of Cops Leaves Different Kind of Tip for Cop-Hating Waitress

Here’s a little tip for wait staff regarding tips: Even if you’re prejudiced against a customer, it will pay you not to let them know that.

You would think that common sense would dictate that for most people. However, when it comes to liberals, common sense is so rare that if it were a woodland frog species, the federal government would be banning logging companies from operating in their habitat and environmental activists would be chaining themselves to trees demanding its preservation.

So, it’s in that spirit of diminished human capacity that I offer a bit of advice to a certain cop-hating waitress who’s recently gone viral. When serving cops, don’t tell them that you hate them. It’s that simple.

A Facebook user calling himself Officer Daniels gave us an object lesson in why this is such a terrible idea:

In all fairness, a five dollar cash tip was left as well, meaning that these cops didn’t stiff her. All they did was give her a few heart palpitations and a valuable lesson in respecting both customers and law enforcement. Yes, the tip was no better than average, but what do you expect when you tell a paying customer you hate them?

To liberals, however, this ignominy simply cannot stand.

“You make more than she does, a**wipe,” wroteFacebook user Beavis and/or Butthead Brandi Gray. “And yet she still probably is less of a c*** than you.”

Huh. I wonder why a cop makes more money than a waitress does. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that, unless you’re watching “Thelma & Louise,” waitresses don’t generally face life and death situations on a daily basis.

Also, that’s a fascinating argument from Ms. Gray: “If I’m a waitress, I get to tell you that I hate you if you’re a cop. But please continue to put your life on the line to protect me. And you’d better tip, you c***.”

Thankfully, the 40,000 likes and nearly 8,200 shares in just over 24 hours proves that not everyone is as black-hole dense as our friend Ms. Gray.

Let that be a lesson unto you, wait staff of America: people might not be as jazzed about your prejudices as you might expect.

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