Grief Stricken Mom Sends Grave Message to Parents after One Mistake from Teacher Kills Son

Grief Stricken Mom Sends Grave Message to Parents after One Mistake from Teacher Kills Son

A single mistake during gym practice cost one mother her son’s life. Now, in the wake of a teacher’s oversight, the woman sends an urgent plea to parents to keep their children safe.

Usually, when someone makes the cut in school, it’s good news. But for one 12-year-old boy, it was the end of his life. Middle school student Rory Staunton was in gym class when he ended up with a cut on his arm.

It happened when the Jackson Heights, New York, student tried diving for a ball, but wound up falling instead. In lieu of calling the school nurse, the gym teacher decided to treat Rory’s wound himself. But when he placed two Band-Aids on the cut, he never actually sanitized the wound first.

The incident occurred on a Wednesday, in March of 2012, but by Thursday, Rory was experiencing some unusual side effects from the cut. By the time he saw his pediatrician, he was suffering from leg pain and a 104-degree fever.

Rory was then taken to NYU Langone Medical Center’s E.R. when his condition continued to worsen. At first, doctors assumed his prognosis was dehydration, which was an easy fix.

Doctors treated Rory with IV fluids and was released from the hospital. He was also prescribed Tylenol for his fever and medication to deal with his upset stomach and nausea. Nothing seemed to work.

Rory’s fever wasn’t going down, so his parents, Orlaith and Ciaran Staunton took him back to the E.R. on Friday. That’s when doctors told them that Rory’s condition was more serious than they had anticipated.

It turned out that the cut he received had sent Rory into septic shock. The cause of this immunological reaction came from the bacteria from the cut he got earlier that week, and sadly, his prognosis was a serious one.

Despite every attempt made by his doctors, Rory passed away in the hospital’s intensive care unit. It turns out he was suffering from a condition that kills millions of people each year.

Doctors learned that Rory had passed away from Sepsis, which kills 30 million people a year. Fortunately, Sepsis is actually preventable and even curable if you know what to look for.

Doctors have a tough time diagnosing Sepsis because the symptoms can mimic other conditions like dehydration. So, Rory’s parents are begging others to pay close attention when their child gets cut so they won’t suffer the same loss they did.

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