GOP Turns Against Paul Ryan- Look Who’s Considered As a Replacement

GOP Turns Against Paul Ryan- Look Whos Considered As a Replacement

Forget about the fact that the White House and Congress cannot see eye-to-eye on various issues in America’s politics – now, there is something to be said about the way some Republicans are carrying out their duties with nothing short of, well, inability. Try mentioning the names of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and you’ll hear the universe laughing at the righties’ face.

Why, you may ask?

The answer is simple- these men have no respect for how their party serves the country, and are basically unable to look past their own personal ambitions.

This caused quite the rage among other GOP members, who are now looking to potentially force Ryan out of the political scenery for good.thirty “influential House conservatives” are privately discussing how to oust Ryan from the Speakership…and they have some very surprising names in mind to take his place:

Recent reports confirm that over thirty “influential House conservatives” are contemplating ‘ousting’ options for Ryan while bringing suitable replacement names to the table.

As many reports suggest, former House speaker Newt Gingrich or former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum have been considered for the position, both of which will probably be booed as alternatives by the lefties.

Here is what reports suggest for the time being:

While the chances that a non-House member could mount a credible threat to Ryan are exceedingly slim, the fact that the group has even toyed with the idea underscores their desire to create trouble for GOP leaders if they believe their demands are not being addressed.

These conversations have been orchestrated by Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, who had consulted with his colleagues, particularly Stephen K. Bannon, who served as Trump’s chief strategist but made a comeback at Breitbart shortly after. Other entities included in the ‘talks’ involve Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and remaining Freedom Caucus members.

Ryan has been directly called out by Meadows, Jordan and Rep. Scott Perry, who shared with him in a closed off meeting that he might be losing points with other Republicans, due to his incompetence to agree with his own party.

Congressman Dave Brat spoke up on the matter a little bit, and although he didn’t actually mention kicking Ryan off the team, he stated, “We’ve failed on Obamacare, we didn’t do what we said we’d do. What’s it going to look like on tax? What about the debt ceiling? No one is really sure.”

Truth be told, Gingrich and Santorum may not be the ideal replacement options, with Gingrich stating once that it is “a joke to have anyone not serving in the House or who’s familiar with the members to lead the body,” while the latter simply told WaPo, “I don’t really know anything about it.”

The duo is rather peculiar, to say it lightly, but they’re both a good start nonetheless.

The main goal is now to either force Ryan to smarten up, but since it hasn’t happened for so long, it is doubtful he’ll come to his senses anytime soon. Therefore, a one-way ticket out of House could be the perfect solution. Imagine that, no oppression, no tenacity, no empty words and false promises. Working against the Republicans will ultimately hit you in the head as a boomerang.

On this is clear, though- Ryan never had the party’s or the country’s best interest for that matter. Many begin to suspect he might even be happier on the left side of politics, but, hey, that’s just a popular opinion.

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