GOP Committeeman Executed Right in Front of His Wife

GOP Committeeman Executed Right in Front of His Wife

By Friday, not a single liberal mainstream media outlet — not The New York Times, not The Washington Post, not The Huffington Post, etc. — had written about Clayton Carter, a deranged anti-Trump lunatic from Pennsylvania who murdered a local GOP committeeman Monday.

If it weren’t for conservative media and local stations such as KYW, nobody would even know that Carter murdered his neighbor, Chester County GOP committeeman Brooks Jennings, by walking onto Jennings’ lawn during a 1 a.m. confrontation and firing two shots into his head. Jennings died outside his own house, WPVI reported. His wife witnessed the killing.

Nor would they know that Monday’s horrifying shooting left “a wife without a husband, a little boy without his father, and a community in shock and mourning,” as Chester County District Attorney Tim Hogan put it.

They also wouldn’t know that, according to  WPVI, Carter “was a quarrelsome, argumentative man” whose “front yard was crowded with cars and hand-lettered anti-Trump signs.”

He was, in effect, another anti-Trump lunatic not much different from Virginia shooter James Hodgkinson, who two months ago tried to murder Republican congressmen at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, critically injuring House Majority Whip Steve Scalise in the process.

Granted, there’s one notable distinction between the two men.

Whereas Hodgkinson’s shooting was motivated solely by politics, it appears what Carter did Monday had been rooted in some sort of dispute with Jennings and, in fact, other neighbors.

“But the disputes along the block were not political, but personal,” WPVI reported. “Neighbors say they were fueled apparently by some unknown anger inside Carter’s head.”

“We steered clear of him,” said neighbor Kathy Pratt. “We were frightened of him because he’s so unpredictable.”

Now here’s a question: When was the last time you heard a report in the news about a deranged pro-Trump lunatic killing someone?

Take your time …

Cat got your tongue?

The fact is that such crimes never happen. What does sometimes occur are incidents involving attacks on or the harassment of Muslims. Whenever stuff like this happens, the media rush to link the event to Trump supporters, despite a lack of evidence. And more often than not, these incidents turn out to be mere hoaxes.

Yet when left-wing lunatics actually harass and/or murder conservatives — the motivation for the attacks notwithstanding — the liberal media say nothing.

In case the liberal media weren’t aware of why barely anyone trusts them, now they know.

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