Glenn Beck Uses Auto Industry Analogy To Criticize GOP Health Care Vote

Glenn Beck Uses Auto Industry Analogy To Criticize GOP Health Care Vote

After President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers presented this week’s Senate health care vote as a major step forward in repealing and replacing Obamacare, conservative radio host Glenn Beck made it clear he did not share their sentiment.

As Western Journalism reported, Vice President Mike Pence was called on to cast a tie-breaking vote Tuesday when senators were deadlocked over whether to open debate on a bill to repeal the existing health care law.

While the vote was heralded by many Republicans as a step in the right direction, Beck questioned its impact and importance.

“The GOP got together and they voted to discuss health care out in the open,” he said during a segment of The Glenn Beck Radio Program Wednesday. “That’s all that happened.”

Beck, who has been a frequent Trump critic since early in 2016 presidential cycle, wondered why the president followed Tuesday’s vote with a celebratory speech.

“Why would you have the president speak right after?” he asked. “Why would you fly John McCain back for this historic vote and have him give a stirring speech right after? Because this is the best the Republicans can do.”

He went on to use a hypothetical private-sector example to illustrate his argument.

“Let’s say that we all went to a company and we said, ‘You guys have to hire us because we’re going to build an amazing car,’” Beck began.

In his example, those soliciting the opportunity went on to “spend seven years arguing about nothing” and blaming colleagues for their failure to produce a new model as promised.

Even after the allegorical company complied with all of the new team’s requests, Beck imagined the response when the car was still not presented.

“Finally everybody gets so angry that the board of directors comes in and says, ‘You know what guys, we’ve had enough. You haven’t built anything,’” he said. “And so what do the people who said they were going to build the car do? They say know what, ‘You’re exactly right.’”

Instead of responding to criticism by hammering out details and presenting an actual product, however, Beck’s scenario saw the chief executive brag of a noncommittal vote by the board.

“All in favor of talking about some kind of car that would be great and half the cost, say ‘Aye,’” Beck imagined.

He tied his metaphor to the recent posturing by Republicans on the state of the Obamacare replacement plan.

“They’ve opened up the doors and now they’re going to talk about talking about passing something that will possibly get that car built,” Beck said.

Several commentators agreed with the assessment, including a writer for The Resurgent, who described Beck’s fable as “fantastic.”

A debate played out in the replies to a tweet the radio host posted during his broadcast.

For his part, Trump highlighted the razor-thin GOP victory during a rally Tuesday in Youngstown, Ohio.

“Only a few hours ago, the Senate approved a vote to begin debating the repealing and replacing the Obamacare disaster,” he told the crowd. “Finally. You think that’s easy? That’s not easy.”

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