Frozen Pizza Truck Crashes, Local Pizzeria Makes Best Post Ever

Frozen Pizza Truck Crashes Local Pizzeria Makes Best Post Ever

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And when life hands you frozen pizzas all over an Arkansas highway, make a viral advertisement about it — at least if you’re a pizzeria.

That, at least, is the motto of the Mellow Mushroom, a Little Rock pizza place which took advantage of a nearby viral highway crash to create the best Facebook post they possibly could.

According to Arkansas Online, the incident happened on Interstate 30 in Little Rock on Wednesday. “The truck slammed into a column of the Mabelvale Pike overpass, ripping open the trailer ‘like a tin can’ and spilling diesel fuel and hundreds of Tombstone and DiGiorno pizzas onto the roadway,” Arkansas Department of Transportation spokesman Danny Straessle told the paper.

However, the Mellow Mushroom wanted to make sure that if you didn’t get one of the pizzas off of the road, you could still get one from them.

“Miss your opportunity for Digiorno? Swing through Mellow for your pizza fix tonight! We got you covered,” the advertisement read.

“Way to go Mellow Mushroom on seizing that (opportunity),” Facebook user Kenny Walker said.

Another individual responded with a photo of his own:

I guess he managed to get his while the getting was good. Still, I’d rather have fresh pizza from a pizzeria than highway DiGiornio’s.

There’s something great about this advertisement: it shows the American can-do (or can-dough) spirit. It’s funny, it’s innovative and it got our attention. It’s definitely going to get a lot more attention in the coming days.

And, of course, there were no injuries in the accident, although it created some treacherous conditions on the roadway.

“It smelled like a pizzeria out there,” Straessle said. “It made for some very slick conditions, believe it or not.”

As of late Wednesday, the Highway Department hadn’t decided to dispose of the pizzas, which were brought to its headquarters.

“Fortunately it did not turn into a horrendous disaster,” the spokesman said. “Except for the loss of the pizza, I guess.”

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