Friendly Reminder: The NFL Is On Tonight And Colin Kaepernick Is Still Unemployed

Friendly Reminder The NFL Is On Tonight And Colin Kaepernick Is Still Unemployed

It’s Thursday, and that means there is an NFL game on television that Colin Kaepernick can watch from his couch.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback hasn’t spent one second on a roster since last season ended. Some might argue being unemployed is a bad thing, but in reality, Kaepernick now has lots of free time to soak up all the action tonight when the Los Angeles Rams meet his former team.

I hope Kaepernick loses his mind that there are two NFL teams meeting tonight, and their quarterbacks are Jared Goff and Brian Hoyer.

His supporters said all summer that a team would eventually breakdown and sign him. I’m happy to say a contract offer seems like that will never happen. If he’s not signed by week three, why would anybody believe it’s going to happen down the road?

Kaepernick should get real comfortable on the couch because that’s the closest he’s getting to the NFL this season. I sure hope taking that knee during the national anthem was worth it.

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