Fox News Slips To #3 In Ratings For First Time In 17 Years

Fox News Slips To 3 In Ratings For First Time In 17 Years

It is indisputable that the Fox News Channel has undergone significant changes over the past year, both in leadership and prime-time lineup, and those changes have now taken a toll on the media outlet’s once formidable ratings dominance.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox slipped to third place in the prime-time cable news ratings for a five-day stretch last week, the first time that has happened since 2000.

Largely fueled by a series of late-breaking bombshell stories from the anti-Trump liberal media, CNN and MSNBC saw major upticks in viewership while Fox sank among the highly coveted demographic of adults aged 25-54.

Specifically, for the week of May 15-19, MSNBC came out on top with an average of 611,000 key demo viewers, followed by CNN with 589,000 and Fox with 497,000 viewers aged 25-54.

Mediaite reported that Fox’s revamped prime-time lineup in the wake of Bill O’Reilly’s departure has had trouble taking hold. Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC hosts were cashing in by making the most of anti-Trump sentiment among young Democrats and independents by focusing on negative coverage.

That said, a separate report from Mediaite and one from TheWrap both sought to temper any celebration of Fox’s impending demise, as those celebrations would be a bit premature at this point.

Indeed, while they have certainly slipped in weekday prime-time among the key demographic, Fox still wins overall among cable news channels when daytime and weekend viewing among all demographics are factored in, meaning they are still the most-watched cable media outlet.

In fact, with all factors added in like daytime and weekend prime-time viewing among all demos, Fox remained poised to win all categories and demographics overall for the month of May, despite their slippage in the prior week.

While the network isn’t in danger of dying any time soon — though some might argue that point — Fox nevertheless has some work to do if it intends to recapture the dominance of the cable news market it once enjoyed, and in this day and age of extreme partisanship on either side and a renewed vigor on the left, that may be easier said than done.

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