Fox News Claims Brand New Position Trump Is Taking Aim at

Fox News Claims Brand New Position Trump Is Taking Aim at

Even President Donald Trump’s strongest supporters have to admit that the president’s first six months in office have had some rocky personnel issues.

If the analyses of Fox News Business pundits is correct, it looks like yet another position in the Trump White House may be due for a change-up soon.

Just days after Sean Spicer resigned from his role as press secretary, speculation about the future of Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff, increased dramatically.

Author and commentator Charles Gasparino appeared on the Fox Business Network and stated his belief that Priebus’ head may be on the Trump chopping block.

“We know this from White House sources. White House is not denying it… that Trump recently asked [new press secretary Anthony] Scaramucci — in his current job, when he was in the export-import bank, before he took this job… he asked Scaramucci to assess Priebus’s job performance,” Gasparino said.

“So he asked Scarmucci what do you think Priebus is doing? How good of a job do you think he is doing?” the author continued.

The journalist explained that those questions could be a prelude to yet another shakeup at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“From inside of the White House this periodically comes up. It’s like the ‘Priebus being fired watch’ is coming next,” he explained.

Fox contributor David Asman seemed to agree with that assessment, and took the prediction one step further.

“I’m wondering if maybe the communications job that Scaramucci’s going to take over could be a placeholder for the chief of staff job,” Asman said.

“Donald Trump wants somebody who understands life outside the Beltway,” the reporter continued. “Reince Priebus was excellent as head of the RNC, but he was definitely inside the Beltway.”

Both Gasparino and Asman could be right. Trump’s popularity was largely due to his perception as an outsider who was going to shake up Washington.

While insiders such as Priebus bring certain connections and skills, they may clash with Trump’s rogue image.

The frequent shakeups at the White House may be hard to follow, but with luck, they’ll lead to an administration that is better able to go to work for the American people.

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