Former Watergate Official Weighs In… Dems Are Going to Hate This

Former Watergate Official Weighs In Dems Are Going to Hate This

A Democrat state lawmaker who worked on the Watergate investigation is calling it “absurd” for anyone to would compare President Donald Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey to former President Richard Nixon’s actions during the Watergate scandal.

According to Breitbart, Michael Madigan, the Democrat speaker for the Illinois House of Representatives, formerly served as assistant minority counsel to Sens. Howard Baker and Fred Thompson during the Watergate hearings from 1972 to 1973.

Madigan spoke out about his experience with the Watergate scandal after reports from the liberal media — such as MSNBC  — claimed that President Trump’s firing of Comey was an “obstruction of justice.”

Madigan, however laughs in the face of those claims. In an open letter, Madigan said the “it borders on the absurd to hear the comparisons from a gaggle of politicians and pundits between Watergate and the firing of the FBI Director by President Trump.”

“Leaving aside that numerous Democrats have themselves ‘demanded’ the firing of Comey and that Comey himself notes that the FBI Director can be fired for ‘no reason’ at all, the comparisons are not only blatant partisan nonsense, they diminish the historic process which lead to President’s Nixon’s resignation in the summer of 1974,” he continued.

“Watergate involved a clear crime for which those involved were indicted, tried in a jury trial or pleaded guilty to clear criminal action,” Madigan explained.

“Having missed the mark with such comparisons, this politically driven gaggle has now moved on to argue that our President’s suggestion (if there was one) that the FBI should have its priorities in stopping the damaging leaks around classified information and not chasing down a former employee is equally weak and frankly an insult to both Democrats and Republicans who served this country so well at a critical time under the impartial guidance of Senators Ervin and Baker,” he concluded.

Madigan is not the only prominent liberal to criticize Democrats over their calls to start the impeachment process for Trump.

In an op-ed for The Hill, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley wrote that lawmakers and the media need to stop exaggerating the president’s decision to fire Comey.

“If this is food for obstruction of justice, it is still an awfully thin soup,” Turley wrote.

“This conversation in the Oval Office is a valid matter of concern and worthy of further investigation. It is not proof of an impeachable offense any more than it is proof of a crime,” he continued.

It seems as if even Democrats are fed up with their own party’s decision to focus on petty issues instead of joining together to work on America’s real problems: radical Islamic terrorists, illegal immigration, and North Korea.

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