Former FBI Asst. Director Thinks That Hillary Should be Shot by Firing Squad!

Former FBI Asst Director Thinks That Hillary Should be Shot by Firing Squad

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom is the one familiar with some Hillary’s harsh truths including the thing she did that warrants being shot by firing squad. Kallstrom is pointing out to something that many Americans failed to notice, Hillary did that warrants death by firing squad.

The reason why Hillary could get a firing squad, according to Kallstrom is the fact that she has placed her basement at her residence and mishandled her classified documents.

Hillary put a home based and private server and used it with the intention of emailing our nation’s classified documents, which is equal to crime. As ridiculous as it may sound to the Democrats, but this is a real fact!

James. K adds that in his opinion the main reason why she kept off the governmental server is because she tried to hide the illegal activities. The only reason the server was discovered was a Benghazi FOIA that led to the discovery of the server in HRC basement.

It should be clear that it was the FOIA requests into Benghazi by Judicial Watch that led to the discovery of her private server.

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