Former DOJ Spokesman Claims Comey Was Building Legal Case Against Trump

Former DOJ Spokesman Claims Comey Was Building Legal Case Against Trump

Former Department of Justice official Matthew Miller claimed this week that recently terminated FBI Director James Comey may have been trying to build an obstruction-of-justice case against President Donald Trump from the get-go.

He explained in an interview with The Washington Post that when the president allegedly asked Comey to end his investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn three months ago, the then-FBI director could have easily asked him to stop.

“The president makes this request, and the first time Comey might say to him, ‘You know, Mr. President, it’s inappropriate for us to have this conversation, and I would appreciate if you would not make a request like this to me again,’” he said. “That’s a way to handle it that says very clearly to the president that this should never be repeated.”

“But if you’re trying to build an obstruction-of-justice case,” Miller continued, “you might want the president to keep talking, because everything he does is digging a deeper legal hole for himself.”

The interview concerned uncorroborated accusations by the liberal media — and based on anonymous sources — that Comey had allegedly penned a memo following the meeting stating that Trump had asked him to back off from the investigation into Flynn.

“I keep wondering, something in the back of my head keeps saying to me, maybe Comey was actually trying to build an obstruction-of-justice case against the president here,” Miller added.

In explaining why the former FBI director, who was fired by Trump last week for a number of valid reasons, would have sought to initiate a case against him, Miller echoed a recent statement made by the president that Comey is a “showboat.”

“You just look at his (Comey’s) actions in the (Hillary) Clinton case, where he made himself the central player when there was no reason for him to be the central player,” he explained. “That aside, his entire history shows that he likes to be at the center of attention.”

“(T)here’s one thing I agree with the president on: That Comey is a showboat,” Miller said.

And he suffers from extraordinarily bad judgment. Considering Comey let former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton off the hook despite an abundance of evidence demonstrating her guilt, why should any American trust him now?

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