Former Agent Warns Of Danger Unless Secret Service Changes Its Course

Former Agent Warns Of Danger Unless Secret Service Changes Its Course

At a time when the rise of antifa has the nation’s security experts worried about the increased threat of domestic terrorism, the agency designed to protect President Donald Trump is losing its ability to carry out its duties, according to a former Secret Service agent.

In his book, Protecting the President, former Special Agent Dan Bongino said changing times have left the Secret Service one step behind in an evolving terrorism landscape.

“The president of the United States is in genuine danger if the Secret Service doesn’t change course soon and evolve with the rapidly changing threat environment,” Bongino wrote.

“The threats to the White House and the president are swiftly evolving in this new era of weaponized drones, micro-sized video surveillance technology, vehicle attacks on civilians, small arms tactical assaults, and technologically advanced and difficult-to-detect explosives,” he added. “And if the decision makers in the Secret Introduction Service refuse to evolve with this series of threats, then, tragically, we may suffer the first loss of a president since John F. Kennedy.”

Bongino said “mission creep” has compromised the agency’s effectiveness.

Morale has been “devastated” because of the vast number of events designated “National special Security Events,” with seemingly “every national summit or sports event” seeking, and receiving, Secret Service protection.

“The Secret Service cannot effectively protect the president in the future with its current portfolio of problems,” Bongino wrote.

“Mission creep has saddled the Secret Service with an expanded plate of responsibilities that it no longer has the manpower, budget, or training to effectively handle. Poor management decisions, made with the best interests of upper-level Secret Service management but the worst interests of the working agents in the field in mind, have also ravaged the workforce and destroyed both special agent morale, and faith in the leadership,” he wrote.

The Secret Service has also become a revolving door because agents can make more money elsewhere, he said.

“When combined with a special agent pay scale that incentivizes Secret Service agents to seek employment elsewhere within the federal law enforcement alphabet soup of agencies, it’s no surprise that failures have begun to pile up within the Secret Service,” he wrote.

Bongino’s bottom line was stark.

“America cannot afford to lose another president, and fixing the Secret Service is the only way to ensure that we don’t,” he wrote.

Bongino is not the only agent warning of catastrophe ahead.

In the book’s forward, former Secret Service Agent Jason Wells shared Bongino’s concerns, writing, “the United States Secret Service has forgotten where it began and what it is.”

“An agency that once defined itself by protecting people without negotiating how it will do it now does so with a wink-and-a-nod understanding that the criteria of protection is open to interpretation and adjustment. Someone in the agency came in one day and started replacing right and wrong with black and white, and incorrectly thought that the two meant the same thing,” Wells wrote.

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