Forget Sean Spicer, Bill Clinton Literally Hides Between the Bushes

Forget Sean Spicer Bill Clinton Literally Hides Between the Bushes

It’s no secret that Bill Clinton has a great relationship with both President George H.W. and George W. Bush.

In spite of losing to each other before and representing parties in bitter political opposition, the Bushes and Bill Clinton have always maintained a gentlemanly rapport.

The elder and the younger Bush regularly appear at conferences, charitable events, and mission trips with Clinton. Arguably the head statesman of the Democratic Party, Clinton hand-delivers presents to George H.W.

This week, Clinton was in Dallas, Texas, attending the graduation ceremony of the Presidential Leadership Scholars at the George W. Bush Institute. The event included some great moments, such as this one:

After the speech, the former president took a moment to pull a Sean Spicer and stand between two gigantic metal statues of Bush the father and the son at the entrance of the George W. Bush presidential library. The photo, posted by Clinton’s press secretary, comes with the caption: “Everything’s bigger in Texas.”

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