Florida Sheriff Terrifies Every Looter in His State with Warning Message After Deputy Shoots Looter

Florida Sheriff Terrifies Every Looter in His State with Warning Message After Deputy Shoots Looter

Florida was recently attacked by a wave of looters, as Hurricane Irma struck the state fiercely. For some people, this turned out to be the perfect opportunity for a personal gain, while many were suffering from the storm’s rage. The state also had many people evacuated and other well-advised on how to handle the hit. The looters, however, didn’t mind the fact that those who left behind were a vulnerable category- people, who would need help and assistance overcoming the storm’s consequences. They were shameless in their doings, entering people’s houses and local stores, trying to get their hands on basically anything.

Some of the looters were arrested by the local authorities while one was shot while ‘in action’ in Fort Lauderdale. As the man was taken down, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel issued a statement that was supposed to serve as a warning to remaining sneaky perpetrators.

Trying to take advantage in a crisis scenario is a petty, diminishing thing to do.

Taught by what happened during Hurricane Harvey, which was the same, people were alerted to be conscious of their surroundings, as looters may try to act.

Therefore, when a Broward County Deputy’s house was under a looter’s attack, he called upon the law.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel delivered a powerful anti-looter message as a result of the death of one of his deputies by the hands of a looter.

As the shooting took place, the suspect was shot dead while a second suspect is behind bars.

The break-in attempt happened around 3 AM Sunday morning, September 10, at a house located in the 2500 block of Monterey Court in Broward County.

After the owners called the police, reporting two burglars entering their home aggressively, officers ran to the estate to check out the happening reportedly caught on video tape. The owners were not at home, though, since they were instructed to evacuate earlier.

17-year-old Dylan Lemon was shot at the home’s gates but was rushed to a hospital shortly after. He was taken to Broward Health Medical Center and was cleared of any injuries. The second suspect Jean Coello, age 17, was taken in and is awaiting further developments.

The two are now facing burglary and grand theft charges.

Quick to come to the site and suspect was the special weapons and tactical team.  The police officer who took down the first suspect also left the site unharmed, but his identity still remains unknown. At the moment, there is an ongoing investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The Sheriff took this case very seriously and decided to kick things up a notch, safety-wise. It is for that reason that Sheriff Israel addressed Floridians on social media of what was happening, and paid a warning to looters who still roamed the state. As he explained, he wasn’t about to let these criminals get away with anything.

“Looting during the storm will not be tolerated. Looters will be identified, investigated, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” a clear message said on the Sheriff Office’s Facebook page.

Next, a video surfaced in which the Sherif addressed the looters directly and undoubtedly. Take a look:

“Looters, your behavior is illegal, it’s felonious, and it won’t be tolerated,” the Sheriff warned looters in the distinct video message. “It’s unscrupulous and deplorable to loot at a time when we’re battling one of the major storms of the century.”

Furthermore, the sheriff noted that all means necessary will be applied in order to track down any looter out there. The sheriff closed his remarks with a promise to use all available resources to hunt down any looters from the time of that post forward.

This is the kind of message that ought to put fear into the looters’ bones. They spent weeks trashing Texas and Louisiana after Hurricane Harvey hit and they were prepared to go all the way this time around as well. Still, if something remains unclear in the Sheriff’s office, I’m sure he’ll be glad to put it into practice, to teach these kids a lesson. Looters are the lowest category on the humanity chain, making Americans feel a little ashamed by their own co-citizens. All those taken in or shot, have deserved what was coming to them for sure. A crime of this proportion will never go unpunished and it’s about time they realize it.

Obama is far gone, looters, you might want to go with him…because you’re playing with the big boys now.

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Source: conservativemedia.com