Flashback Shows NYT Gushing Over Clinton Firing FBI Director

Flashback Shows NYT Gushing Over Clinton Firing FBI Director

A blast from The New York Times’ past proves the liberal media’s bias and shuts down liberals who are angry over President Donald Trump’s decision to former former FBI Director James Comey.

The Gateway Pundit went back to find a 1993 Times article that praised former President Bill Clinton’s decision to fire then-FBI Director William S. Sessions after a “harsh internal ethics report on his conduct.”

Flash forward 14 years later, and the same news organization had a very different approach when it came to President Trump’s decision to fire Comey. In fact, the New York Times blasted President Trump, calling the firing a “stunning development” and “carefully choreographed effort” to favor the president.

The July 20, 1993, Times article had a headline that read: “Defiant F.B.I. Chief Removed From Job By the President,” referring of course, to former President Clinton.

On the other hand, a May 9, 2017 Times article plainly read: “F.B.I. Director James Comey Is Fired by Trump.”

But just wait until you hear the differences between the two articles.

The 1993 article said in part: “Mr. Clinton, explaining his reasons for removing Mr. Sessions, effective immediately, said, ‘We cannot have a leadership vacuum at an agency as important to the United States as the F.B.I. It is time that this difficult chapter in the agency’s history is brought to a close.’”

Sound familiar? President Trump also cited leadership and trust issues when firing James Comey.

The 1993 article continued: “But in a parting news conference at F.B.I. headquarters after Mr. Clinton’s announcement, a defiant Mr. Sessions — his right arm in a sling as a result of a weekend fall — railed at what he called the unfairness of his removal, which comes nearly six years into his 10-year term.” Obviously, The New York Times did not blame Mr. Clinton for Sessions’ removal.

Things were very different when President Trump decided to fire his FBI Director.

“The (White House) officials said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, pushed for Mr. Comey’s dismissal,” the 2017 article said. “But many in Washington, including veteran F.B.I. officers, saw a carefully choreographed effort by the president to create a pretense for a takedown of the president’s F.B.I. tormentor.”

What? Now that a strong Republican leader is in charge of the White House, The New York Times has no problem blasting President Trump’s decisions.

“The stunning development in Mr. Trump’s presidency raised the specter of political interference by a sitting president into an existing investigation by the nation’s leading law enforcement agency,” the article stated.

Clearly, the biased news organization hopes to fuel anger in Americans with the theory that President Trump possibly fired Comey because he is afraid of damaging findings from the FBI’s investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 president election.

The editors behind The New York Times showed their true colors — again. No one, not even the most liberal American, can say the media is unbiased after reading these two articles.

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