Flashback: Jamaican Star Instantly Stops Interview After Hearing Familiar Sound

Flashback Jamaican Star Instantly Stops Interview After Hearing Familiar Sound

In light of an increased number of NFL football players kneeling, sitting or otherwise refusing to participate in the United States national anthem, a video from the 2012 London Olympic games has started to recirculate the internet.

The video is an interview with now retired Jamaican running star Usain Bolt. In the middle of the interview, Bolt heard the U.S. national anthem begin to play, and he stops everything so he could stand and listen.

It was an amazing gesture of respect — especially from someone who isn’t even American. In those few minutes, Bolt showed more respect and reverence for this country than hundreds of NFL players who actually get to call the United States home.

This video is incredibly powerful. The video has over three million views, and that number will likely increase over the next few days as this video continues to make the rounds on the internet.

As someone who wasn’t born in the United States, Bolt knows America as a beacon of hope and liberty for those who desire freedom and opportunity.

To a number of NFL players, it’s as if all they see is a nation that is out to get them — the same nation that affords them the chance to earn millions of dollars for their talent.

It’s a real shame that these football players can’t understand how blessed they are to be living in the United States. Yes, the country has problems, but it is also the freest, most prosperous country in the world.

Anyone born here is unfathomably fortunate.

Bolt understands that. It’s a tragedy that some of our own citizens do not.

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