First Black Medal Of Honor Recipient Never Let The Flag Touch The Ground

First Black Medal Of Honor Recipient Never Let The Flag Touch The Ground

Every hero is remembered for what he did for others, but sadly that is not Kaepernick case. He is remembered for what he refused to do: stand in honor of the national anthem.

But here is one reminder and someone who Kaepernick and other players can look up to. William H. Carney, first black man to earn the Medal of Honor treated the flag, who was born into slavery years before the Civil War.

After running away to the north to get his freedom, Carney decided to join the Union forces a volunteer sergeant. He could have hidden in Canada and wait for the war to be over but he didn’t do that.

“On July 18, 1863, 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry Regiment soldiers led the charge on Fort Wagner. During the battle, the color guard, John Wall, was struck by a fatal bullet. He staggered and was about to drop the flag when Carney saw him,” explained the States News Service.

That moment is immortalized in the movie “Glory.”

“Carney seized the flag, and held it high despite fierce fighting, inspiring the other soldiers. He was wounded twice — in his leg and right arm — and bled heavily,” continued States News.

“Although the Army sergeant could hardly crawl, he clutched the flag until he finally reached the walls of Fort Wagner. He planted ‘Old Glory’ in the sand and held it tightly until he was rescued, nearly lifeless from blood loss.”

During his final moment, he handed off the banner to a fellow soldier with a message, “Boys, I only did my duty; the old flag never touched the ground!”

Carney got Medal of Honor for his courageous actions, and his pledge to never let the American flag fall down became an empowering cry for the military and every patriot in America.

People like Kaepernick don’t get to be heroes by disrespecting the flag when there were and still are people like Carney. Kaepernick and the other players will never understand how powerful is the national anthem and flag to the people who love this country.

There can never be a comparison between the football field and the battlefield, and that’s the main reason why these spoiled athletes can’t find it in themselves to love and respect the flag.

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