Fighter Dislocates Shoulder… Gets Surprise From Opponent That Has Crowd Screaming

Fighter Dislocates Shoulder Gets Surprise From Opponent That Has Crowd Screaming

An MMA boxer dislocated his shoulder during a bout and what his opponent did next had the audience screaming — and it was all caught on video.

The fight, which occurred in January at the Mannheimer Hafekeilerei in Mannheim, Germany, was full of drama that began when Polish fighter Arkadiusz Wroblewski attempted to deliver a blow to his opponent, Georgian Paata Tschapelia.

Something went wrong in that instant and Wroblewski immediately grabbed his left shoulder. The fight was stopped as a member from Wroblewski’s team attempted to help him reset what was apparently a dislocated shoulder.

That’s about the time Tschapelia ran across the octagon, grabbed Wroblewski’s arm and help pop the shoulder back into place.

Wroblewski gave his shoulders a good roll, and appeared to be OK. The fighters shook hand and the fight resumed.

The crowd erupted with cheers for the good sportsmanship.

Take a look:

Even more drama ensued as the fight came to an end seconds later when Tschapelia officially knocked out Wroblewski in the first round.

At least Tschapelia can say he won the fight fair and square.

We haven’t seen about this kind of sportsmanship in the MMA recently.

In fact, the upcoming bout between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor has given rise to the opposite of integrity in the sport. These two have done nothing but trash talk each other for months. Their press conferences are nothing but the two of them trading ridiculous insults with each other, and many people would like for them to just shut up and fight already.

The Mayweather/McGregor bout is scheduled for Aug. 26, and something tells me we are not going to see Mayweather and McGregor behave with the kind of sportsmanship Tschapelia and Wroblewski showed.

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