Feminists Angry Over School Allowing App Access

Feminists Angry Over School Allowing App Access

A feminist group at Virginia’s University of Mary Washington has filed a lawsuit against the school because of their refusal to block the anonymous social media app Yik Yak.

The group, known as Feminists United, say that the school’s refusal to ban the app on its Wi-Fi network violated Title IX regulations by engendering a “hostile environment” towards feminists on campus, The Washington Post reports..

The group claims that beginning in 2014, they were subjected to abuse via the recently discontinued Yik Yak app. They say that they filed a complaint with the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, but were “stonewalled.”

Translation: Even Barack Obama’s Department of Education thought that they were full of crap. Now, they’re seeking redress in a Virginia federal court for the school’s failure to ban the app.

“Due to this sexually hostile environment, Plaintiffs suffered emotional and psychological harm that, in some cases, required professional treatment,” the group claims in the suit.

“By choosing to permit the harassment to go unaddressed and unpunished, and, thereafter, choosing to allow the escalated attacks to proceed without consequence, defendant UMW became liable for the acts of retaliation against the Plaintiffs and responsible for the clear and direct violation of the Plaintiffs’ rights under and pursuant to Title IX.”

In a statement to The College Fix, a University of Mary Washington spokeswoman said that the lawsuit contained “no new allegations” and that the school “has fully cooperated with the (Office of Civil Rights) investigation” adding that the investigation “has not yet produced any findings as to sufficiency of evidence to support the 2015 allegations.”

Yik Yak, which was discontinued in April, was a social media site that allowed users to post anonymous comments. It ran into numerous controversies because of sexual and racial comments posted on its threads, and engendered commentary such as a 2014 Huffington Post column titled “Why Your College Campus Should Ban Yik Yak.”

Keep in mind that given Yik Yak was an anonymous app and that University of Mary Washington students could just as easily have used their cellular data plans to post on the app, as Breitbart points out. There was literally next to nothing that the college could have done.

Furthermore, the easiest way to solve the “emotional and psychological harm” would have been for these young women to simply not use the app.

That’s logical, though, and lawsuits like these defy logic. Let’s hope this court agrees.

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