Feminist Meets Kids With Common Sense, Goes Away Cussing Like a Sailor

Feminist Meets Kids With Common Sense Goes Away Cussing Like a Sailor

A feminist recently revealed her immaturity before a classroom full of school kids, proving that liberals cannot handle any kind of challenge.

Social commentator and feminist activist Clementine Ford reportedly refused to answer questions from boys present in the classroom when she spoke at Aquinas College earlier this year, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

After Ford refused to take questions from boys, some of the female students walked out, the parent of one of the children in the classroom, who was identified only as Darren, told 3AW.

“She refused to answer questions from boys,” the father said, adding that the girls told Ford they were not going to put up with her behavior and called her a “wuss.”

The father also told 3AW that following the fallout from the incident, Ford “went nuts, she crucified the boys online and the school had to do a massive backpedal.”

Of course, Ford denied anything of the sort happened on Twitter.

She also attacked the news outlet.

When called out for her behavior, Ford said the boys were “rude in the session,” noting she was “not paid to deal with ongoing bulls***,” The Mail reported.

“All I’ve done is discussed the frustration of dealing with childish, defensive boys and shared comments they left publicly on my account,” she reportedly said.

“I was paid to speak for 50 minutes. I was not paid to deal with ongoing bullshit and demands from small minded boys who cannot handle being shown that their world view is limited. Their good opinion and approval might be extremely important to you, but I’m not interested in making sure they feel comfortable about their place on the social hierarchy,” she said, according to The Mail.

Finally, Ford got to the truth, and it revealed the ugly, intolerance of leftist ideology.

Ford did not to respond to a call from 3AW, but did admit her session with students got “heated in question time because some of the boys refuse to believe the wage gap exists … and they also seem unused to being told by am [sic] adult that their opinions are misinformed.”

When The Mail asked Ford for any comments, she said, “Get a real job.”

Ford sounds like a true liberal feminist, alright.

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Source: conservativetribune.com