Federal Park Police Just Gave Anti-Trump “Campers” a Brutal Wake-Up Call

Federal Park Police Just Gave Anti-Trump Campers a Brutal Wake-Up Call

For the past several months, many liberals have staged protests against President Donald Trump all over the country, somehow believing that standing on street corners with cardboard signs is actually going to change anything.

A group of anti-Trump protesters who decided to camp out in Farragut Square in Washington got a nasty surprise at 4 a.m. on Saturday when police officers began dismantling their campground, The Daily Caller reported.

The Daily Caller reported that some of the officers involved in the action appeared to be local police, but the Farrugut Square is under the administration of the National Park Service, so it’s under the jurisdiction of the Park police. On Saturday, the Park Service released a statement confirming it had removed the tents.

Other groups had already received permits to demonstrate in the square over the weekend, the park service explained.

Live streamed video from the campsite showed officers removing food, tents, chairs and other items from the campsite while the protests sing in the background.

You can see the footage here, though it is poor quality and the video goes on for almost an hour.

The campsite was run by a group called “Impeachment Square.” The group walked to Washington from Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest racial inequality.

“It speaks volumes about our country that a permit would be issued for a white supremacist rally, yet our nonviolent 24-hour vigil against our white supremacist government would be broken up by a public institution,” Nelini Stamp, the organizer, stated.

What these anti-Trump liberals don’t seem to be explaining is that they were warned not to camp at the park. WTTG reported that Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, stated that while the protest was not a permitted demonstration, authorities wouldn’t break it up unless it got violent or the protesters made camp.

“My preliminary information is that they are on Park Service land, that they are demonstrating, and of course, we want to protect people’s First Amendment rights. We don’t permit camping in the District of Columbia without a permit so they will have to adhere to the law,” Bowser said.

Looks like these anti-Trump folks need to spend less time chanting and more time learning how to read. They chose to break the law, and that is why their camp was torn down.

This has nothing to do with the police giving a permit to an alt-right rally and then tearing down a liberal camp site became of some bias. Both sides have a right to protest; however, there is still a process to go through. As the park service statement explained, everyone needs to follow that process.

These liberals chose to deliberately break the law. They really shouldn’t be surprised that there are consequences for doing that.

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