Fed-Up Steven Seagal Just Declared War on the NFL

Fed-Up Steven Seagal Just Declared War on the NFL

One of the most ferocious martial artists in the world just declared war on the NFL and its players who find it acceptable to disrespect our flag and national anthem.

During a very candid interview with the U.K. news program “Good Morning Britain” that took place from Russia, actor Steven Seagal referred to anthem protesters as outrageous and disgusting

According to the Daily Mail, Seagal said he believed kneeling during the anthem was nothing short of disrespect to the brave men and women who have died so that players can make millions while playing a game for a living.

“I think it’s outrageous, I think it’s a joke, it’s disgusting. I respect the American flag,” Seagal said.

Seagal said he he doesn’t understand why some players find it acceptable to blatantly disrespect the very country that gives them the opportunity to live such extravagant lifestyles.

Seagal agreed with President Donald Trump’s critical comments last Friday about anthem protesters and how NFL owners should fire players who disrespect our flag.

“And that owner, they don’t know it, but they’ll be the most popular person in this country,” Seagall said.

After slamming anthem protesters, Seagal said it has been hard for Trump to get things done because too many “Obama-ites and people that feel they should overthrow Trump” are still in office.

With more than 200 NFL players kneeling during the national anthem on Sunday in response to Trump’s comments, more people are beginning to take action against a league that appears to be endorsing the degradation of our national anthem.

To Seagal’s point, players kneeling during national anthem is disrespectful to our nation’s flag and to all the brave men and women who died for all of our freedoms.

Despite outrage from the liberal media, let us never forget that these NFL players are getting paid millions of dollars. Several of these players who disrespect our flag have no idea how great of an opportunity they have.

True American patriots like Seagal don’t want to see anyone disrespecting our flag and country.

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