FBI Employees Sport ‘Comey Is My Homey’ T-shirts

FBI Employees Sport Comey Is My Homey T-shirts

Displaying their support for former FBI Director James Comey, a number of FBI employees and their guests wore T-shirts bearing the slogan “Comey is My Homey” to the bureau’s Family Day in Washington, D.C., on Friday.

An FBI spokesperson told the Huffington Post that Family Day is an annual event during which FBI employees and their families visit the bureau and divisions of the agency are showcased.

Social media postings noted that at least a dozen attendees wore matching “Comey is My Homey” T-shirts.

The quote “We choose to do good for a living” was printed on the backs of the shirts, and attributed to “Jim Comey.”

Those specific words cannot be verified as a quote from the former FBI director.

The sentiment was likely drawn from a February 2015 speech on relations between police officers and communities of color in the United States delivered by Comey at Georgetown University.

“I believe law enforcement overwhelmingly attracts people who want to do good for a living — people who risk their lives because they want to help other people,” Comey said during his speech.

The White House has contended that, prior to his dismissal, Comey had lost the confidence of “rank and file” FBI employees.

That claim was rebutted in May by Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe during testimony at a Senate hearing in which he said that broad support for Comey remained within the bureau.

Trump critics have argued that his termination of Comey was an inappropriate effort to halt the FBI’s investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

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