Fake News Alert: Washington Post Rakes in Money Pushing Chinese Propaganda

Fake News Alert Washington Post Rakes in Money Pushing Chinese Propaganda

There has been a lot of talk about fake news in the past year, with liberal media outlets accusing Republicans and President Donald Trump of spreading lies nearly everyday.

The irony of all of this is that these liberal media outlets are incredibly guilty of spreading fake news — especially if the price is right.

On Wednesday, the day after North Korea launched their most powerful ICBM to date — one that could hit mainland United States — The Washington Post published Chinese propaganda that didn’t mention the launch, The Daily Caller reported.

This piece of “news” was funded by “China Daily, People’s Republic of China” and completely ignored the most recent missile test by North Korea.

The insert was part of China Watch, a publication funded by China, that has inserts in the Washington Post, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

All these inserts are nothing more than glorified propaganda that completely ignores anything negative that has happened in China.

The Washington Post has defended their decision to publish these pieces before by stating that they make it clear that they are nothing more than ads.

The articles also noted that they “did not involve the news or editorial departments of The Washington Post.”

Even if The Washington Post is just publishing these to make money, it is still unacceptable. Chinese propaganda shouldn’t be disseminated within the United States.

If these news agencies were so concerned about foreign influence, (no one could forget their screaming about Russia and the 2016 election) then they wouldn’t publish Chinese propaganda — no matter how much money they were offering.

You can read China Watch’s full section here.

If The Washington Post is that desperate for money, maybe they should try reformatting the way the disseminate news — not start outsourcing that to the Chinese.

You can say what you want about conservative media outlets, but many of them would never stoop to allowing the Chinese to publish propaganda articles on their websites.

The Washington Post, and other liberal media outlets, need to end their practice of allowing the Chinese to publish propaganda in American news outlets. Until then, they have no business lecturing us on foreign influence and fake news.

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