F-35s to Make an Appearance at Euro Flight Show

F-35s to Make an Appearance at Euro Flight Show

For several years, the United States Air Force has been working on the F-35 fighter jet, the next generation of military aircraft that promises to keep us two steps ahead of our adversaries.

While the program has been plagued by delays, massive expenses and just overall incompetence, the F-35 jets are finally coming into production, and in June will be featured at an airshow in Paris, Defense News reported.

Two F-35A’s will be flying in the Paris Air Show, flown by two test pilots from Lockheed Martin — the company that built the planes.

This display of American air-power is the first of its kind in quite some time. For years, the United States has been hesitant to display stealth aircraft at air shows for fear of potential espionage — but not this year.

“We have processes, procedures and networks in place to ensure that we can fly where we want to fly and when we want to fly, and we’re not concerned about it,” a spokesman for the Air Force said.

The Hill reported that the Air Force initially had said the aircraft wouldn’t be at the show, but have since reversed that decision. This is major win for Lockheed Martin as it is hoping to sell these planes to several European countries, and a demonstration could be the final selling point.

DefenseTech noted that an email from Air Force spokesman Capt. Mark Graff seemed to indicate there weren’t enough pilots for the Air Force to be able to spare any for the Paris airshow, which is why Lockheed Martin personnel will be flying the planes.

“Due to the Air Force’s limited number of aircraft, pilots and maintenance professionals, we have decided not to develop an F-35 demonstration profile for airshows this year,” Graff explained.

If the Air Force can’t even afford to spare two pilots for one airshow, that is very concerning. Our military seems to have been gutted a lot more than any of us realized.

Thankfully, the F-35 demonstration will show the world what America is capable of, and now that we have a president who is determined to make our military great again, we may not have to worry about a shortage of pilots anymore.

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Source: conservativetribune.com