Eyewitness: Traitor Manning Was Terrible From the Beginning

Eyewitness Traitor Manning Was Terrible From the Beginning

Besides being a traitor who stole vital classified intelligence during a deployment to Iraq and then fed that information to his friends at WikiLeaks in 2010, imprisoned Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning — born “Bradley Edward” — is a whiny, self-centered punk, according to an intelligence analyst and linguist who went through basic training with the traitor.

In a blog post published four months ago, exactly one day after then-President Barack Obama commuted Manning’s sentence by 28 years, Jay B. Huwieler revealed that in 2007, he and Manning — who wants to be a woman named “Chelsea” — attended the same Basic Combat Training boot camp at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

It was there that Huwieler learned of the traitor Manning’s true nature.

The narrative peddled by the liberal media has been that Manning was “bullied in the military for being gay,” as touted by The U.K. Guardian in 2011, but according to Huwieler, and his lengthy, detailed post, that’s a bold-faced lie.

“Chelsea Manning was not picked on or harassed because of (his) gender or identity; (he) was not bullied because (he) was small or appeared easily overpowered or dominated,” Huwieler wrote. “No, Chelsea Manning was ostracized.”

And for good reason, argued Huwieler, who cited example after example of Manning selfishly placing his own well-being over that of his comrades, which as any military expert can tell you is a big no-no. The way it works in boot camp is that if one team member fails to complete a task, that failure reflects on everyone in the group. Unfortunately, Manning constantly chose to fail.

During one round of training, for instance, the recruits were required to fully extend a jerrycan fuel container over their heads while performing squats and counting from 1 to 10. Because of Manning’s poor performance, he quickly became a target for the enraged drill sergeant.

“It was the rest of the recruits in the group who saw this and told Manning, ‘C’mon, don’t quit. You’ve got this. C’mon Manning, you can do it,’” Huwieler recalled.

But did Manning care? Apparently not.

“(He) never made eye contact with any of them,” Manning’s former boot camp peer wrote. “There was no connection to the people trying to help (him). Instead, I saw (his) face turned scarlet, sweat pouring off her face, grimacing. And through grit teeth, (he) moaned in agony, ‘I can’t,’ and (he) dropped (his) Jerry Can.”

But this behavior wasn’t a bug — it was a feature of who Bradley Manning happened to be.

“Because some unknown in (his) character prevented (him) from ever truly entering into that covenant of self-sacrifice upon which collective group defense depends, (he) could not ever satisfactorily contribute to the welfare of the group,” Huwieler concluded.

And yet this same self-absorbed traitor is slated to be released on May 17 of this year because of Obama’s clemency. Like many others on the far left, Obama tried to convince the public that Manning is the victim here — not the nation he betrayed.

“Let’s be clear — Chelsea Manning has served a tough prison sentence,” Obama announced a day after he commuted the traitor’s sentence, according to NPR.

No, sorry, Manning is no victim and certainly didn’t deserve a commutation. He’s obviously a manipulative brat who had cleverly hid his nature from most of the world for most of his life.

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