Exclusive: Why Planned Parenthood Won’t Allow Women to Walk Out of the Front Door

Exclusive Why Planned Parenthood Wont Allow Women to Walk Out of the Front Door

A pro-life activist based out the Phoenix area claims a local Planned Parenthood branch forces women who’ve received an abortion at its facility to leave via the building’s rear exit so as to prevent other patients from seeing their grief and pain.

“After a few weeks of sidewalk counseling there I realized the women going inside the front door rarely seemed to leave through it,” said activist Jamie Jeffries of the Let Life Live non-profit, in an exclusive statement to Conservative Tribune.

“After paying close attention and speaking with women who have aborted their babies at this very clinic, the reason why post abortive women left through the back door seemed clear and clearly upsetting,” her statement continued.

She alleged that whenever women leave out the back door of Planned Parenthood’s so-called Glendale Health Center after an abortion, they do so while “limping, cringing, holding their stomach, crying, or combination of the above.”

“Planned Parenthood knows this, and they know the women in the waiting room who see this will probably rethink their abortion and walk away from their appointment,” she said. “Planned Parenthood sends patients out the back door because if they leave out the front door women who haven’t given up their money and their child’s life will leave with them.”

As evidence, Jeffries provided pictures and videos she snapped/recorded while sidewalk counseling outside the facility.

Below is a picture that shows the Glendale Health Center’s “escorts” standing next to a Dodge car parked up front for drop-offs.

Why does an alleged “health center” need escorts for its patients?

According to Jeffries, the escorts oftentimes crowd around arriving patients to try and convince them to come inside.

See this video, filmed by Jeffries as she and other pro-lifers were sidewalk counseling, for an example of Planned Parenthood’s tactics:

Another picture below shows the backside of the facility:

“Planned Parenthood does this for money,” Jeffries’ statement concluded. “If this clinic was concerned about their patients they’d wheel them to their vehicle in a wheel chair instead of making them limp out the back door alone. That is what other outpatient surgical facilities do.”

While disturbing, Jeffries’ statement comes as no surprise. Even former Planned Parenthood officials have admitted the organization only cares about money.

“No business, certainly no healthcare clinic, should view a woman’s body as a profit center, yet that is exactly what Planned Parenthood does,” wrote Sue Thayer, a former facility director for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, in prepared remarks for testimony she delivered before the House Judiciary Committee two years ago, as reported by The Daily Signal.

“There is a reason that, despite technically being a nonprofit, Planned Parenthood has reported $765 million in excess revenue over the last 10 years. It is run very much like a business — focused on increasing revenues, placing its own bottom line above the interests of women,” she added.

In an op-ed for The Hill published earlier this year, former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson said the same thing.

“After working in a prominent position at Planned Parenthood facility in Central Texas for over eight years, I can say that women deserve better than Planned Parenthood and that their funding should be reallocated,” she argued.

Agreed. Planned Parenthood shamelessly exploits women’s fears to earn a profit — and while it’s legal for the sick organization to do as such, that doesn’t mean the rest of us should be forced to pay for it.

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