Ex-SEAL Says 2 Men With Guns Thwarted What Could Have Been Extremely Deadly Attack

Ex-SEAL Says 2 Men With Guns Thwarted What Could Have Been Extremely Deadly Attack

Navy SEALs are always pretty awesome individuals, and Carl Higbie is no exception. A political pundit and vigorous defender of Second Amendment rights, Higbie appeared on Newsmax TV in the aftermath of the Alexandria shooting Wednesday to shut down gun-grabbers from the left.

In his appearance, Higbie saluted the police officers who dispatched shooter James T. Hodgkinson and said that the Second Amendment is what made it possible — while adding those rights were under assault.

“The Second Amendment is a fundamental right … (but) laws that are so harsh on guns, make owning guns virtually illegal,” Higbie said.

“I want to point out to the American people that, guess what stopped that shooter today?” the retired Navy SEAL continued. “Two people with guns. Forget the fact that they were police, but two individuals with guns stopped that shooter.”

He said that while the congressmen who were targeted and Republican officials in Alexandria should be grateful, everyday Americans should think about what the attack means to them.

“If there had not been guns there, that shooter would have created a lot more damage, and additionally, the American people don’t have bodyguards. They don’t have security details,” Higbie said.

As Higbie noted, there are “300 million guns on the streets today. You’re not going to get rid of all of them, and the only people who’s going to be affected by that are good, law-abiding citizens. So, you start taking guns away from American people, you are taking away their right to protect themselves. Shame on you.”

Video below (Higbie’s interview starts about the 2:30 mark):

As for the culprit in the shooting, Higbie said it was “a byproduct of the Democratic narrative.”

“You have Kathy Griffin holding up the severed head of the president of the United States — this is the left, and the left is encouraging this,” the former Navy SEAL said. “I put that blood on their hands.”

Higbie is right. What happened Wednesday proved that the Second Amendment works. The left hates that, in part because it takes the blame away from their rhetoric. The facts remain, however — and those are damning. This SEAL just shut down anyone who thinks that gun control was the issue Wednesday — and liberals are going to hate it.

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Source: conservativetribune.com