European Human Rights Court Sentences Baby to Death

European Human Rights Court Sentences Baby to Death

In an outrageous and detestable ruling made by the European Court of Human Rights, 10-month-old Charlie Gard was sentenced to die because the court didn’t care to permit the infant to travel to the United States and receive a treatment that could potentially save his life, reports The Daily Caller.

The young boy was diagnosed with a rare mitochondrial DNA disease, according to The Daily Mail, and although there is an experimental treatment available in the United States, funding for the young child to try it, and a doctor willing to administer it, the United Kingdom High Court’s decision in support of the hospital that wanted to remove Gard’s life support was upheld by the European Court of Human Rights.

“Subjecting him to nucleoside therapy is unknown territory — it has never even been tested on mouse models — but it may, or may not, subject the patient to pain, possibly even to mutations,” wrote Justice Francis in the high court’s judgment concerning the case.

“But if Charlie’s damaged brain function cannot be improved, as all seem to agree, then how can he be any better off than he is now, which is in a condition that his parents believe should not be sustained?”

Perhaps it’s best to leave that decision to the parents, instead of any government deciding it knows best.

Dr. Brian Callister of Nevada denounced the decision for the abomination that it is.

“To withdraw life support against somebody’s will when they have hope of a treatment that either could extend their life or, who knows how long it could extend it, who knows what kind of quality of life may or may not be available — to take away that hope and say, ‘(your) life is worth nothing,’ I think, is wrong on every level,” he told The Daily Caller.

Folks, this is what socialized medicine looks like. This family’s rights are being grossly stripped away in favor of what others thought was best.

Make no mistake, the loss of the infant’s life is on their heads. Let’s pray that the United States never sinks this low.

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