ESPN Wouldn’t Broadcast the National Anthem during a Game…Then She Took Matters into Her Own Hands


Two massive events hit America in the past month-the meaningless NFL anti anthem protests that don’t seem to cease and the Las Vegas shooting that resulted in 59 deaths. In NFL’s case, the League was welcomed by a large revolt on behalf of Americas. Now, media channels began refusing to air the national anthem as well and declined to emit the anthem segment during the University of Las Vegas football game.

This very occurrence happened with ESPN, where it was decided to skip the anthem part. This, ultimately, caused a major problem among Americas. As a result, a sign of solidarity and patriotism by Americans followed.

The two teams were shortly after pulled off by Las Vegas first respondents along with Las Vegas police officers.

Second Amendment supporter and singer Kaya was singing the anthem at the time, with Americans singing along and turning the stadium into a massive ‘sky’ of white lights.

The singer found it inappropriate that ESPN didn’t capture the endearing moment. Therefore, she posted it herself:

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There are some moments that deserve everyone’s attention for sure. Take a look at the video below:

It was a sight worth seeing and we feel quite upset that we live among mediums that work to sabotage the country, rather than unite it.