ESPN: Now Sponsored by MSNBC

ESPN Now Sponsored by MSNBC

While ESPN long ago signed its death warrant by switching its focus from reporting sports news to spouting off Democrat talking points, the network’s latest move will likely only hasten its inevitable decline into the abyss.

During the network’s Saturday broadcast of its flagship program, “SportsCenter,” a brief announcement popped up on the screen to let viewers know that the show was being sponsored by the most leftist news purveyor in the mainstream media:  MSNBC.

“‘SportsCenter,’ brought to you by MSNBC — because information and facts have never been more important,” stated the narrator.

Listen below:

The irony is stunningly and laughably rich, since MSNBC’s relationship with the truth is practically nonexistent. As a reminder, this is the same inane network whose hosts blamed President Donald Trump for the poverty and despair in socialist Venezuela.

Plus, this unholy alliance between ESPN and MSNBC was formed only weeks after ESPN eliminated at least 100 “on-air” personalities and “SportsCenter” anchor Linda Cohn admitted that the network’s focus on politics was probably to blame for its financial woes.

“That is definitely a percentage of it,” Cohn said in an interview earlier this month when asked whether politics were responsible for the layoffs. “I don’t know how big a percentage, but if anyone wants to ignore that fact, they’re blind.”

That settles it — the decision-makers at ESPN are clearly blind.

As noted by PJ Media contributor Jeff Reynolds, “This mind-boggling affirmation of the political direction of the company comes at a time when it is in financial freefall, calling into question the decision making of the company’s executives.”

According to recent reports, ESPN has been hemorrhaging roughly 10,000 subscribers per day, yet much like their compatriots in the failing Democrat Party, the network’s executives were willingly doubling down on what clearly is a failed strategy.

It doesn’t help that, according to Reynolds, President Donald Trump’s mostly conservative base makes up the bulk of “the college football crowd,” i.e., the people ESPN ought to be catering to.

In trying to explain the network’s recent series of bad decisions, last month The Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro asserted that the left — including the network’s leftist executives — believes “it is more important to push politics in culture than to maintain a common culture.”

As tragic as it is to admit as much, Shapiro was right, which means the good ol’ days of being able to watch sports without being inundated with political garbage may perhaps be something of the past.

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