ESPN is getting eviscerated for ruining UCF coach’s championship moment

ESPN is getting eviscerated for ruining UCF coachs championship moment

Apparently the University of Central Florida’s 62-55 American Athletic Conference championship game win over Memphis wasn’t thrilling enough for ESPN. The network just had to inject some of its own drama.

With the game in double overtime, ESPN reported online and on the game broadcast (which aired on ABC) that UCF coach Scott Frost would be leaving the school to become the next coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

The move isn’t a complete shock, considering Frost is a former Nebraska quarterback who had been linked to the job in recent days. What was more shocking was the timing of ESPN’s report, considering Frost was in the middle of a hard-fought championship game and hadn’t had a chance to break the news to his own players.

Almost immediately, Twitter blew up with criticism of how ESPN had handled the story.

Even the comments on ESPN’s Facebook post breaking the story bashed the network almost unanimously.

After the game, ESPN managed to make matters even worse. Reporter Todd McShay asked a clearly emotional Frost whether the reports of his move to Nebraska were true.

Frost remained classy and simply responded, “I’m going to go celebrate with my team.”

The audacity of ESPN to ask such a question immediately after the biggest win in school history triggered even more outrage.

It’s yet another PR win for ESPN just three days after laying off 150 employees right before Christmas.

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