Eric Trump’s First Born Baby Boy Just Arrived And The Liberals Are Not Happy About It

Eric Trumps First Born Baby Boy Just Arrived And The Liberals Are Not Happy About It

These last several months the liberals have made it clear that they are all about the hate and that anything Trump family does will be attacked and criticized. So naturally, they had some hateful messages for the birth of President Trump’s grandchild. This is disgraceful.

Eric Trump’s wife Lara just gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy named Luke. This is a wonderful news, who will have anything bad to say about a new life brought to this world. Yup, you’ve guessed it, the liberals had a handful of insults.

So, they took it on Twitter, as DeadHeadMarc wrote, “I can’t believe they let you procreate.

User CJH shared his excitement saying, “Stop breeding more trumps!”

Even Bishop Talbert Swan took it to Twitter to show his true personality:

And much more:

Luckily, most of the comments were kind and congratulatory, but still it’s disgraceful to see the left hitting so low, is a birth of a new life for God’s sake. It is sad these people are full of hatred.

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