Entire Crowd Stood When Trump Entered the Room — What he Did Next is Spectacular [VIDEO]

Entire Crowd Stood When Trump Entered the Room What he Did Next is Spectacular VIDEO

Tax cuts became the leading topic of President Donald Trump’s Wednesday speech in St. Charles, Missouri.

The President was welcomed by a huge mass of people who waited for hours prior to the event. Security was on point, making sure possible protests don’t escalate, but there was no need for such thing, as he was greeted in the warmest way possible.

Even before Trump took the stage, the room was flooded with people anticipating his address to the public:

As he was announced, a joint ovation echoed across the room, giving Trump the reassurance he needed- these were the people that elected him to be the leader of the free world, and they would join him in every quest ahead.

First and foremost, Trump wanted to make sure to wish everybody “Merry Christmas,” and explained how crucial it was to honor the holiday for what it is- the birth of Jesus Christ. By doing so, he refrained from accepting Obama’s ‘Happy Holidays’ greeting he held so dear to his heart.

It was then and there that Trump did something that grabbed everyone’s attention. Once the mention of ‘fake news’ came up, everyone was quick to give Trump a standing ovation.

The room was unlike we’ve ever seen since Trump got elected, and it only showed him he was on the right path of making America great again.

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Take a look at the full speech below: