EMTs Called for Man Faking Stab Wound for Sick “Prank”

EMTs Called for Man Faking Stab Wound for Sick Prank

Paramedics deal with a lot of strange, and sometimes terrifying, situations everyday. Whenever they are dispatched, paramedics never quite know what sort of situation they are walking into, or how bad the condition is of the person they are going to help.

A video showing paramedics responding to a 911 call that brought them to a man who was lying on the ground, seemingly covered in blood has gone viral on Facebook.

The man on the ground in the video claimed someone stabbed him just a short time ago. From the initial look of it, it does indeed look like he was stabbed and is bleeding heavily.

However, when one of the paramedics attempts to lift up the man’s shirt to examine the alleged stab wound, he discovers that there is no wound, and that the “blood” is actually Kool-Aid.

This person faked being stabbed and had the paramedics come check on him. It is unclear if the person who was faking the stab wound called 911 or not. It is also unclear who the person behind the camera is, and where this was filmed.

Whoever the cameraman is, you can clearly hear that they found the entire incident to be hilarious.

While one of the paramedics doesn’t seem to be too pleased with the entire situation, they other one is smiling.

“Why you playing?” the paramedic asked.

It is possible this man’s reaction is just relief that the person wasn’t stabbed, or maybe it was just the most humorous thing to happen to him all day.

Whatever the case, many of the people who watched the video didn’t seem to think it was amusing. Several pointed out, correctly, that the time the paramedics wasted on this joker meant that they couldn’t be helping someone who actually needed their assistance.

“Meanwhile someone else really could’ve needed that kind of medical attention, but was delayed because of this foolishness! Smh if you can get in trouble for calling cops for foolishness you definitely should get in trouble for this too! Smh,” read the top comment under the video.

Calling 911 for a non-emergency can actually result in criminal charges/fines, but it is unclear if any of that happened to the people behind this video.

This was just a sad and pathetic prank. Hopefully whoever was behind it pays for their actions.

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