Employee of the Month: Arby’s Worker Grabs her Gun Sends Robber Into Riverbank

Employee of the Month Arbys Worker Grabs her Gun Sends Robber Into Riverbank

Educator Lawrence J. Peter created a theory called Peter Principle back in 1969, which says a person will progress in her or his career until they reach a certain point of their incompetence.

In Michigan, one person chose criminality as his calling, but sadly for him, he reached the Peter Principle pretty quick, and in a stunningly embarrassing way.

He decided to rob an Arby’s, he entered the establishment last Monday at 9 a.m. Sterling Heights police Lt. Mario Bastianelli said he pointed a gun in the faces of 3 workers and said to them to give him their “morning startup money.”

“So they turned the money over to the suspect and he takes off on foot,” Bastianelli said. “Three employees then chased after him, into a nearby wooded area before calling police.”

Marcia Rabideau, the restaurant’s director of operations, saw the armed man feeding the restaurant, so she decided to chase him. Rabideau took her Glock 9mm got in her car and started chasing him.

Thankfully, Rabideau’s driving abilities were a lot better than the robber’s, so she was able to corner him at a riverbank and pointed the gun at his head until the police arrived.

“There was no way in hell I was going to allow this cat to get away with all of our deposits,” Rabideau wrote. “The suspect tried reaching for his gun but I told him if he lowered his f****** hands again that I would shoot him dead and I meant it!!! He stood in the river bank with his hands above his head until the fuzz arrived!”

The police will never advise anyone to go after an armed robber.

“It’s strongly advised for victims not to pursue an armed robber after they were robbed at gunpoint, due to obvious safety concerns,” Lt. Bastianelli stated.

“And money is just money — that can be replaced. Lives can’t. It’s brave of them to do it, but we don’t encourage it. Being a good witness is the best most people can do. That’s what we want people to do.”

Rabideau is not just another regular citizen. She used to lead the Saginaw’s Arson Watch and her husband is a police chief.

“I didn’t think, I just reacted,” Rabideau admitted. “Just being stupid, I guess.”

Anyhow, the police caught his accomplice running away with a 1-year-old child in the car, so now he is facing a child endangerment charges as well.

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