Is This The Dumbest Online Profile You’ve Ever Seen?

Is This The Dumbest Online Profile Youve Ever Seen

Robert Gehl reports new students coming into San Diego State University will get a special class in newspeak, the new language of the left that erases any semblance of hostility, identity, free thought, or criticism.

It’s a joyous new way to make sure that when we speak, we use vague, generic, ambiguous terms that don’t offend any group or individual who might – in any way – feel “marginalized” by our sexist, ablest, heterosexist, classist, racist, and privileged society.

Student will avoid all “microagressions,” those little words and phrases that might hurt the delicate sensibilities of others. Better to couch your language in the fluffy nuance of diversity than say what’s exactly on your mind.

This is great. Our society must change for a changing world. The new generation – the Millennials – aren’t going to put up with the “real world” anymore. They want a “safe space” to operate in. A place where there is no criticism, no critique, and certainly no disagreements.

Envision a world where doctors can’t tell their fat patients that they’re – well, fat. That’s a “microaggression.”

A world where one student can’t turn to the other and say that a particular class is “easy,” because the student might be struggling. That’s a microaggression.

A world where in a classroom, a student can’t identify a girl as a girl without first asking that girl which “gender pronoun” she prefers. That’s a microaggression.

A world where the seats are too small for the morbidly obese. That too, my friends is a microaggression.

So – beginning with our young people – we shall stomp out al forms of this insidious speech. We shall replace it with a new speech – we can call it “Newspeak.” Language where people can “learn about multiple perspectives in a brave space.” Language that is inclusive before accurate. Tolerant before judgmental. And above all else: not offensive to anyone. Ever.

The class is ED203 – Foundations of Cultural Competency in a Changing World. Here’s the description:

This Fall semester develop skills to interact positively, effectively and sensitively within our diverse campus community and global society by enrolling in ED 203.

Participants will have had an opportunity to discuss openly topics of race, class, ability, religious oppression, and power/privilege in a staff-only space.

-Participants will learn specific vocabulary used on campuses and within academia to describe a multitude of everyday life experiences and perspectives.

-Participants will be educated on microaggressions in order to reduce and attempt to eliminate the racist, classist, sexist, heterosexist, ableist, and privileged attitudes on our campus

-Participants will be able to engage in meaningful conversations with their colleagues around multiple topics and learn about multiple perspectives in a brave space.

Of course, while learning these “multiple perspectives,” it’s pretty certain that any conservative perspective, or any perspective that treats Western culture as anything other than a horrible impediment to our new and exciting “multicultural world,” will not be tolerated.

Brandon Jones, President of the San Diego State College Republicans, told Red Alert Politics:

SDSU’s attempt to create an “inclusive” campus community is becoming almost laughable. Every time I turn around there’s a new course on some type of diversity. In today’s world, everything is a microaggression. SDSU is no longer educating students… they’re teaching them how to become victims. Left-wing indoctrination is a disease spreading like a wildfire.

Poor Brandon. He’s going to be left behind in our glorious new world. Someone get him enrolled in the class quickly. He can sit in the back. We have a special chair for him so he won’t be distracted.

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