The Dumbest Gun Control Cartoon From The Left of ALL TIME

The Dumbest Gun Control Cartoon From The Left of ALL TIME


Perhaps the left would prefer to arm people who are vocal enemies of the state rather than allow “white men” to practice their protected right to bear arms under the 2nd Amendment?

Here’s yet another gun control meme where hoplophobes, who are for disarming people based on some secret list no matter who they are, get it backwards.

When Islamists have firearms, it’s usually noticed at the point where they have already murdered people in the name of Islam. Even the FBI tends to ignore them before that point.

Apparently the left doesn’t believe black, Hispanic, Asian and every other type of American male also owns firearms — or, in the left’s eyes, big scary black guns.

They also don’t seem to realize that many women, again of all races and religions, also own big scary black guns. Sometimes those guns even come in pink camo colors.

Of course, white males are the last bastion of people who are allowed to be bashed and prejudiced against in the United States, and the left takes full advantage of that.

They also don’t seem to realize that Islam is a religion and not a race. Gun control addicts never have been the brightest bulbs on the tree.

And for the record, just so gun control freaks know, everyone in the country, barring they are a prohibited person and are of age, is protected under the 2nd Amendment to own firearms; including those who practice Islam. If only the left would realize it was their racism against blacks that started gun control in the first place.

Seems they now want to turn their racism and hatred towards white men.

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