DUI Scumbag Shut Down by Judge After Crybaby Act

DUI Scumbag Shut Down by Judge After Crybaby Act

Crocodile tears don’t gain much sympathy… at least when a no-nonsense judge sees right through them.

A suspected drunk driver named Marilyn Aguilera is accused of wrecking the life of a high school principal in Florida, after running over the man and leaving him an amputee.

During a bizarre court appearance, the alleged DUI driver tried to sway the courtroom with tears and sanctimonious statements, but then the judge said five words that put the suspect right back in her place.

“Act like a grown up,” scolded Judge Diane Ward of the Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

That admonishment came after Aguilera arrived at the courthouse several hours late, according to The Daily Mail. The suspect also broke down crying during routine questions from Judge Ward.

“Marilyn Aguilera, 52, was set to accept a plea deal for four years in prison after she ran over Javier Perez, 44, in 2016 while drunk driving,” stated the Mail. “The vehicle pinned Perez, causing him to lose both his legs and leaving him wheelchair-bound.”

“In April 2016, Aguilera plowed her SUV into a West Miami-Dade baseball field, hitting Javier Perez while he coached his five-year-old son’s little-league championship game,” the newspaper continued. WPLG News reported that another man was also badly hurt in the same crash.

Despite the grave injuries that she is accused of causing, Aguilera seemed more worried about her own life than the life-long pain she may have inflicted on the devoted father and educator.

“It’s just, I’m more concerned about mom, who is wheelchair-bound as well,” sobbed the accused woman, according to The Daily Mail.

That comment drew a sharp rebuke from Judge Ward. “Well, it seems like there’s many people that are now wheelchair-bound.”

As a result of Aguilera’s self-centered and strange behavior in dealing with the court, the judge canceled a plea deal that had been offered to the suspect.

If that deal had remained in place, Aguilera would have pleaded guilty to several counts of driving while intoxicated, and would have received a sentence of four years in prison.

With the plea arrangement taken off the table by the judge, the woman could now face up to seven years in prison following a full trial.

While Aguilera has not yet been convicted, there is strong evidence against her. Authorities say she failed roadside sobriety tests, and police reportedly found an open beer can next to her in the vehicle.

At the time of the woman’s arrest, blood tests revealed that she had a blood alcohol level that was three times the legal limit.

If her actions on the day of court are any indication, the woman still hasn’t taken responsibility for her decisions.

Now, she will likely face even harsher consequences for failing to step up and own her alleged crime.

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