Drug Kingpin Killed by Mexican Navy in Helicopter Night Raid

Drug Kingpin Killed by Mexican Navy in Helicopter Night Raid

A Mexican drug cartel leader was promptly killed by a helicopter machine gun after he opened fire on the Mexican military from inside a house.

According to American GG, Juan Francisco Patrón Sánchez – also known as “H2” – was fatally shot in February during a shootout with the Mexican Army and Navy. It happened in the Nayarit state capitol of Tepic.

The Guardian reported that both Sanchez and 11 accomplices were killed during the exchange of gunfire.

A source told the news agency that it all started when Sanchez and others barricaded themselves in a house and opened fire on Marines.

Due to the heavy amount of gunfire and the dangerous nature of the criminals, the Mexican military called in a reinforcement: a helicopter mini gun.

Although the use of the weapon is rare, the Navy said it was necessary in this situation in order to lower “the level of aggression and [reduce] the risk of civilian or federal casualties”.

Sanchez and his accomplices weren’t expecting gunfire to rain down on them as their weapons were no match for the helicopter machine gun. Thankfully, no civilians were injured in the gunfire.

The final shootout, however, was a long time coming.

According to Mexico News Daily, besides his drug lord infamy, Sanchez was responsible for the deaths of five military personnel back in September 2016.

But justice always comes to those who break the law. In Sanchez’s case, justice appeared in the form of a massive machine gun loaded on a helicopter, raining bullets on him and his criminal friends.

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Source: conservativetribune.com