Driver Makes Critical Error in Rush to Get off Ferry

Driver Makes Critical Error in Rush to Get off Ferry

We live in a fast-paced society, but that does not mean we cannot slow down and pay attention to what is going on around us.

Case in point: A driver on a ferry in the Black Sea jumped to a hasty conclusion and realized his mistake seconds too late.

The incident reportedly happened in city of Kerch located in the Crimean peninsula, reported the U.K. Daily Mirror.

In a surveillance footage video from 2016, cars are lined up on the Protoporos IV ferry, where drives are patiently waiting for the ferry to dock. At least, that is what they’re supposed to do.

In this instance, however, one man was a little too eager and started to exit the ramp before the ferry reached the dock.

He exited the ramp, all right. Right into the Black Sea.

Emergency responders were called to the scene, where they rescued the man and his vehicle from the water.

The driver was reportedly not injured and managed to escape his car where he was pulled from the waters by emergency personnel.

The rescue was, however, a long process, which caused a delay — not only for the hasty diver, but everyone else on board the ferry.

This man is lucky to be alive.

Ferry’s are among the most common forms of human transportation, but they can be dangerous.

We are glad the driver of this car was not injured, but his failure to be aware of his surroundings cost him severely. He not only missed his appointment, but he had to replace everything that got drenched after he took a plunge into the ocean.

As they say, haste makes waste, and this man’s unfortunate situation proves just how much waste can result from being in a hurry.

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