Doug Jones out of Options, Resorts to Literally Threatening Moore Voters

Doug Jones out of Options Resorts to Literally Threatening Moore Voters

Roy Moore has endured a lot on the Alabama campaign trail. National news media descended on The Heart of Dixie and ran article after article trying to tarnish Moore’s name. From unsubstantiated accusations to outright lies, the mainstream media has been grabbing anything it can to use against Moore, no matter how shaky the foundation.

Now a super PAC for Doug Jones, Moore’s biggest political rival, has graduated from mud-slinging to actual threats.

“Your vote is public record. And your community will know whether or not you helped stop Roy Moore” is the threatening message toward the people of Alabama in this newest ad. It even goes so low as to label Moore a “child predator” who needs to be kept out of office.

Alluding to mob violence is nothing new to Democrats, who remained silent while property was destroyed in Washington, D.C. on the day of Trump’s inauguration. The violence specifically targeted anything that symbolized wealth. A limo (owned by a Muslim immigrant) was torched and had “We the people” painted on the side, turning a patriotic phrase into something straight out of the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror. Anyone wearing a MAGA hat or a Trump shirt is still prone to cowardly attacks from enraged liberals.

They are now graduating from silent approval of violence to subtle threats of it. Hinting that your community won’t like your vote is an effective tactic that authoritarian governments have embraced for decades to keep people voting “correctly.”

In today’s shameless mainstream media landscape, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that a major news organization targets everyday citizens for expressing “wrong” views. With that kind of behavior tolerated, what’s to stop CNN from slapping voters’ faces all over shop windows and roadside signs in an attempt to shame them for a “rogue” vote?

It may seem far-fetched, but it was CNN that threatened one Reddit user who created a pro-Trump GIF, saying they “reserve the right to publish his identity.”

So far, the only bit of evidence that Moore did anything unethical is a yearbook signature, which infamous feminist lawyer Gloria Allred has refused to release to experts. This alleged evidence, if confirmed, could indicate Moore was lying. The problem, which has been pointed out before, is the book is being kept secret, throwing its authenticity into question.

Despite the molehill of “proof” against Moore, shameless attack ads like this one still run in Alabama. Talking heads go back and forth in their echo chambers, discussing how much of a predator the Gadsden native is. The media has been decidedly one-sided and single-minded, with its uniting goal being the defeat of grassroots conservatism.

The PAC itself is just as shady as its vile TV ad. The Highway 31 PAC seems to be structured to prevent any investigation into it, with one expert saying, “Super PACs are required to disclose their donors, but the group Highway 31 has structured its spending in a way that campaign-finance experts say is almost unprecedented.” We won’t find out the source of its money until after the election is decided.

Highway 31’s website is barren, with a singular “donate” button. It seems to be hastily set up as a way to disperse mysterious donations of roughly $2,000,000. Their homepage has no information, and is suspiciously lacking: there’s no phone number, address, email, or contact information.

The message this ominous PAC is sending is the same that has defined tyranny for years. Voting their way is the safest course of action. Anything less and you risk not only the anger of a community, but potentially you and your family’s safety, as well.

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