Donald Trump Jr. Sent His Prayers And Thoughts To The Bolling Family

Donald Trump Jr Sent His Prayers And Thoughts To The Bolling Family

Eric Bolling’s son died from an overdose at age of 19, just a few hours after his father was fired from Fox News after one article suggested that he sent nude photos to at least three coworkers. The series of unfortunate events happened last night.

Reports say Eric Bolling Jr. committed a suicide Friday night in his apartment in Boulder, Colorado, where he was attending college.

The family is going through a rough time now, and the fact that Bolling was fired from his position of over 10 years just adds to the pain.

Donald Trump Jr. sent his prayers and thoughts to the family.

“I am so sorry for your loss. I know how devoted you were to your son. I cannot fathom how difficult this must be,” Trump Jr wrote on Twitter.

This news drew the attention of everyone around Bolling family. It is heartbreaking to see Bolling struggling since he is a good loving man, and he cared so deeply for his only child.

Eric announced the death of his son via Twitter saying, “Adrienne and I are devastated by the loss of our beloved son Eric Chase last night. Details still unclear. Thoughts, prayers appreciated.”

Bolling family needs the support now more than ever, and everything else will have to wait for now. The family just suffered a big loss and will need some time of their own.

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