Donald Trump Jr. Releases Anti-CNN Gif on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr Releases Anti-CNN Gif on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. feels the need … the need for memes.

On Saturday morning, the president’s son put the ongoing meme war against CNN on the highway to the danger zone when he Instagrammed a video which depicts the president as a pilot in “Top Gun” and CNN as an enemy MiG that gets blown up by a missile.

Trump Jr. called the video “One of the best I’ve seen,” and given the 137,000 views that it racked up, we have to agree.

Take a look:

The video was originally put together by The Daily Caller’s chief video editor, Richard McGinniss, who posted it to social media the day beforehand.

Needless to say, liberals were irate. “You are despicable and so is your father. Like father like son. Talk to the Russians today?” one liberal user responded. “You’re one twisted dude to think this is humor. You aren’t brave enough (nor is your father) to be an actual fighter pilot,” said another.

The post came almost a week after a “meme war” was touched off following the president’s retweeting of a video which showed him “body slamming” CNN using edited footage from a WWE wrestling match he was involved in.

For an outfit that usually cannot walk and chew gum at the same time, the press was somehow able to wring their hands and clutch their pearls at the same time over the video, claiming that it would bring violence upon members of the media. Apparently, they hadn’t heard pro wrestling was fake, which is hardly surprising considering these are the same people who keep on swearing the evidence that the Russians colluded with the Trump campaign is right around the corner.

The press had expected Trump’s supporters, thoroughly chastened by their opprobrium, to pearl-clutch and hand-wring along with them; they even extorted a fawning apology out of an individual who probably didn’t make the the version of the video that the president saw.

Instead, as The New York Times reported, pro-Trump online communities were “were spurred to action by what, in their world, qualified as a series of seismic events.” Memes with CNN’s logo pasted on top of baddies getting owned by “Trump” sprang up using footage from “The Matrix,” “Star Wars,” and, yes, even “Top Gun.” And here you thought John McCain was the maverick.

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