Doctor’s Rampage Leaves 1 Dead, 6 Wounded At NYC Hospital

Doctors Rampage Leaves 1 Dead 6 Wounded At NYC Hospital

The 45-year-old man who shot seven people at a Bronx hospital was a former doctor at the hospital, police said Friday.

Henry Bello killed one female doctor at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital and wounded six other people, police said, before killing himself. Bello wore a white lab coat as he went from floor to floor.

Police said Bello first tried to set himself on fire but that hospital sprinklers put out the fire. Police Commissioner James O’Neill said Bello then used the gun he had used to shoot his victims on himself.

Some reports said Bello had been fired from the hospital two years ago and had vowed revenge

The shooting began just before 3 p.m., and involved shots being fired on multiple floors of the hospital. O’Neill said five of the six people wounded on the 16th floor were in serious condition with gunshot wounds.

One wounded doctor was being assisted by staff who used an emergency fire hose as a tourniquet, a fire department official said.

The shooting resulted in the hospital being placed on lockdown.

“Everybody said ‘Code red, shut the door, don’t come out of your room,’” a patient who gave his name as Toby told CBS. “Well we got scared, we didn’t know what was going on. They said somebody in the hospital had a rifle. I just heard people screaming and I got scared and they said close your bedroom door and don’t come out of your room. So I closed the door and didn’t come out of my room. My arm is swollen but I pushed the chair to the door so nobody could come in.”

Krystal Rivera, a 23-year-old patient, said she heard the shots.

“I barricaded the door with an IV machine, two chairs and my whole bed,” Rivera said.

“I was in the middle of getting an X-ray when security alerted us to the active shooter situation and locked us in,” recalled patient Felix Puno, who was on the fourth floor.

The police responded in force to the situation.

“I just seen a bunch of cops come in through the back, through the front with their pistols drawn, (screaming), ‘This guy’s a threat’ … I thought something bad was about to happen. They were telling us to evacuate and go back. They said he was a threat and he might start shooting out the windows,” said Carlos Rodriguez, 19, who was outside the hospital.

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