Developing: Trump Hints at “Big Surprise” With Health Care Bill

Developing Trump Hints at Big Surprise With Health Care Bill

A vote scheduled for this week on the Senate’s version of an Obamacare repeal and replace bill was delayed Tuesday until after Congress returns from its Independence Day recess due to a lack of support, but President Donald Trump didn’t seem overly concerned about it when questioned by the media Wednesday.

According to The Daily Caller, Trump was hosting the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs in the White House when a reporter asked for his thoughts on the Senate health care package being delayed.

“Health care is working along very well,” stated Trump. “We’re gonna have a big surprise, with a great health care package.”

Pressed for details, the president simply reiterated, “We’re going to have a great, great surprise,” an answer that undoubtedly has left the media scrambling to figure out what he meant.

According to The Washington Post, Trump met Tuesday afternoon with the entirety of the Senate Republican caucus to discuss a path to move forward on the bill, a meeting where Trump’s “big surprise” was most likely part of the conversation.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is hopeful that revisions can be made to the bill by Friday that will be acceptable to both conservatives and moderates so it can be sent to the Congressional Budget Office to be re-scored ahead of a planned vote after July 4.

“I think it’s really simple: Republicans have been talking about doing this for a number of years and they’re committed to getting it done and this is part of the process,” explained White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, according to The Post. “This is one of the reasons that we’ve never been focused on a timeline or having to get it done on a certain day, by a certain holiday or anything else. It’s about getting it right.”

According to CNBC, Trump also met with a number of governors and tribal leaders at the White House earlier on Wednesday to discuss energy policy, but of course the health care reform effort also came up.

“We need almost all of (the Republican senators). That’s never easy. … I think we’re going to get at least very close and I think we’re going to get it over the line,” Trump said. “There was a great, great feeling in that room yesterday.”

“I think this has a chance to be a great health care at a reasonable cost. People can save a lot of money,” stated Trump. “We get rid of the mandates, we get rid of so much. Got rid of a lot of taxes. All the bad parts of Obamacare are gone. Essentially, it’s a repeal and replace.”

Obviously, it remained to be seen exactly what Trump’s “big surprise” on health care actually entailed, but rest assured that the media is hard at work to both figure out what it is and determine how best they can attack and denigrate it.

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