Detroit School Sponsors “Muslim Safe Space” Event

Detroit School Sponsors Muslim Safe Space Event

In celebration of “traditional” Muslim culture, a Detroit high school recently hosted a girls-only prom for girls who would otherwise be prohibited by their ultraconservative Muslim families from going to the regular dance.

The Hamtramck High School event — called “Princess Prom” and held on May 6 — has been in place since 2012, when a group of five Muslim girls wanted a “safe space” prom, according to Heat Street.

The prom featured a strict “no boys” and “no cellphones” policy in order to allow Muslim girls — who normally are required to cover up with a hijab — to let their hair down and dress “American” in a private atmosphere.

Muslim girls and women from ultraconservative backgrounds are traditionally not allowed to expose their hair in public, among many other strict religious prohibitions for women.

The cellphone ban aimed to prevent photos of the girls with their hair displayed from being posted on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Attendees were able to dress up in “extravagant gowns, shiny stilettos and flashy makeup and hair styles,” particularly the more “Americanized” girls, according to MLive. 

In 2016, the girls-only prom attracted 230 attendees, and that number was expected to increase to 250 this year, as attendees don’t have to be Muslim to participate, just female.

Liberals would probably love an event like this, but it was unclear how this “safe space” would treat students who identify as “transgender.” If orthodox Islamic rules are any indication, non-heterosexual persons will not exactly be accepted at this Muslim-focused event. Liberals probably wouldn’t like that.

So, where are the LGBT rights liberal activists blasting the event as homophobic or calling for it to be shut down?

A truly “safe space” for these girls would be a culture that allows them to be themselves, regardless of who may see them. A truly “safe space” would be a religion that doesn’t shame them for having long hair or wearing makeup or dressing up for their high school prom.

That’s a safe space the rest of us usually call “America.”

Unfortunately, for so many women trapped in Islamic cultures, there is no such thing as a “safe space.”

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