Denver Broncos Legend Just Asked All NFL Anti-Anthem Protesters the 1 Question Every Fan Has

Denver Broncos Legend Just Asked All NFL Anti-Anthem Protesters the 1 Question Every Fan Has

The liberal community in America may have applauded NFL’s latest scandal to have players kneel during the national anthem, one player strongheartedly disagreed with the call.

Denver Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe has always felt strongly attached to the meaning of the national anthem, and while everyone else was busy blasting the country, he stood proudly and even asked all kneelers’ one very relevant question.

“[I]t’s AMERICA! The greatest country in the world and if you don’t think we are the greatest country in the world and you reside here, then why do you stay?” Wolfe said in a statement provided to ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

Truth be told, the question makes sense for anyone who has a little love for this country and understand where he’s coming from.

The fans supported Wolfe, asking the very same thing.

Sunday went by with the Broncos boycotting the anthem heavily. Wolfe noted everyone had the right to an opinion, but it is not one he agrees with, especially when it comes to values America was built upon.

On the other hand, players like Von Miller and Brandon Marshall remained on their knees, Wolfe (No. 95) is proudly keeping his spine straight and posted the photo as a sign of appreciation.

Here is how he elaborated his move:

“I stand because I respect the men who died in real battle so I have the freedom to battle on the field,” Wolfe said. “Paying tribute to the men and women who have given their lives for our freedom is why I stand. But everyone these days likes to find a reason to protest and that’s their right. It’s America and you are free to speak your mind. I just feel it’s disrespectful to the ones who sacrificed their lives and it’s maybe the wrong platform.”

He finished off with:

“Proud to be an American.”

Kudos to you Sir.

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